April 26th – Nanjing

The team flew from Chongqing to Nanjing with a 4:30 am wake up call as the flight departed at 7:00 pm and its about an hour to the airport. All landed safely with every piece of luggage arriving with us. After checking into the downtown Jingling Hotel, the group got a well deserved 2 hour break .

Team London, minus yours truly who came down with a world class cold and had to take the rest of the day off in bed, were then transported off to the official opening ceremonies of London’s own World Discoveries. Here they hooked up again with are compatriots from Western University where Mayor Joe offered congratulatory remarks on behalf of the City and Team London members.

The entire London representation, including faculty from Western, Fanshawe, the City of London, the LEDC and the Chamber were than all hosted for dinner by the Jiangsu Science and Technology Bureau/Department, for the Jiangsu Provincial Government.

I’ll report back tomorrow with more information about how the evening went after consulting with Andrea Feddema who was my most capable stand in at last night’s festivities.  Stay tuned.

As I write this entry, we look forward to signing our last scheduled MOU with the Nanjing CCPIT later this morning (Friday).  This one will be particularly gratifying as it represents a new chapter in solidifying London’s relationship with its own sister City.


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