London Business Winners a Hit on Provincial Stage

The London Chamber of Commerce can be justifiably proud of its efforts to boost the reputation and cachet of our local business community. And the Chamber can be equally proud of the fact that its annual business awards’ gala is the largest in the country. But beyond our local borders is an equally stellar opportunity to expose some of the world beaters we have here in London to the wider audience on the provincial stage.
Such will be the case this September 26th when the Ontario Chamber of Commerce plays host to the 29th annual Ontario Business Achievement Awards (OBAAs) at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. This celebration which honors Ontario’s best in business will this year feature Donald Trump Jr. as the keynote speaker.
And once again a London nominated company will be in the running for the much coveted Innovation Award. Cyborg Trading Systems (CTS) has officially been announced as one of five finalists in this category and they are more than deserving of the honour and the accolades that follow.

Headed up by CEO James McInnes, the company which now employs ten full-time and three part-time people seems destined for future growth and success. The company’s most recent innovation, Cyborg TraderTM is a software application that gives financial professionals the ability to create sophisticated trading strategies without knowing how to program or script and it’s the most diverse and sophisticated trading tool-set currently available. The application which was launched in October of 2009 is currently licensed to over 100 proprietary traders and to several hedge funds. Cyborg TraderTM executes over 30 million shares per day, at an estimated transaction value of $500 million dollars per day. There currently are no direct competitors; mainly due to the difficulty associated with developing real time custom automated trading software. This has created significant demand for the product, as there are currently no comparable solutions to what CTS has made available to proprietary traders.

CTS is getting a lot of positive recognition within the industry, specifically in the United States, as the leading provider of custom automated trading software. The continued success of CTS will allow the London community to become a global leader in the financial services industry. Creating a new technology industry in the London community is a central goal for CTS. What they want to do is to create an entirely new way of trading for the financial professional. Currently, most traders download a trading application onto their desktop and execute trades from there to the exchange. This puts them at a significant disadvantage from other participants who are executing strategies in the same facility as the financial exchange (Co-location).
I think it’s critically important that London play an active role in supporting the Ontario Business Achievement Awards for a number of reasons. One, it forces us to get out of own comfort zone and let people from across the province know that we are a centre of excellence when it comes to new innovations and the entrepreneurial spirit that drives these new innovations to market. And our London businesses don’t let the GTA have all of the limelight. Even though the Ontario Chamber is located in Toronto and the OBAAs take place in Toronto, we have demonstrated to all Ontarians that London has every bit as much to offer as any GTA community and that we have had a disproportionate number of innovative companies that have been recognized for their outstanding efforts over the past 29 years.

Winners from the London area over that time frame have included globally recognized multi-nationals such as 3M Canada, Ford Motor Company, Canada Trust and Cuddy Farms. Other London winners in the Ontario Chamber Hall of Fame include, Activplant, Digital Extremes, DRN Commerce, Farhi Holdings, Highstreet Asset Management, Icecultures, Phoenix Interactive, Quantum 5X, Trojan Technologies, Union Gas, Viron Therapeutics and ZTR Controls. In fact, outside of the GTA London has the highest number of award winners since the inception of the OBAAs.

That fact alone speaks volumes about the kind of companies we are able to grow or attract to our community and I am optimistic we will see more and more of them honoured at this province-wide event for years to come. There is just something about innovation and business that work so very well together in our community and I hope we can continue to play an active role in spreading that good word across the province and around the globe. The London Chamber’s 2012 Business Awards Gala is scheduled for March 21st and Londoners are urged to get their tickets early for this sold out annual event. Winners from the London event are then eligible for nomination to the Ontario Chamber awards.


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