Zero Tax Increase – Mayor’s Economic Council Wrap up and Meeting of the Pres. of OCC

Kudos to London City Council and the City’s Administration for working collaboratively to bring in a budget that has a zero per cent tax increase for property owners. Never thought I would see the day frankly but, it’s in, it’s done and it’s entirely possible that it can be done again through to and including the 2012-14 budget years. Will it hurt? Perhaps in some departments, but I am convinced that we will not see any appreciable loss of services and/or programs during that time. Perhaps we should take a page of out of our municipal play book and forward it on to the province and the feds with a memo attached that reads….”Here is how to do it – it’s your turn now”.
Also on the City agenda is the second and final meeting of the Mayor’s Economic Council scheduled for March 10th The agenda will be to hear reports coming back from the 9 Pillar Chairs and then to presumably lay out a strategy for implementation. I for one look forward to this meeting and to learn more about some of the great ideas that were captured at the first meeting. The energy from that first meeting was extremely high which seems to fit the new momentum that has been created by Mayor Joe and his team. Fingers crossed, this may produce the long-awaited master vision or strategy for the City of London. Here’s hoping.
I hosted Len Crispino this week for what turned out to be a very thought provoking and productive conversation about a number of things not least of which is our joint concern over the sustainability of Ontario’s health care system. As a result we will be working with the OCC to draft a fact-based policy paper that will have Innovation at the core of its resolutions. Watch for more on this in the weeks and months ahead.
Also on the agenda with Len was an advanced strategy for increased professional development for Chamber Managers that may be achieved through a much stronger thrust on Accreditation coupled with a revised partnership with CEO. As well, we want to more fully explore the European Chamber model that sees Mandatory Chamber membership as a prerequisite to acquiring a business permit/license in all municipalities in many European countries. Off the wall thinking perhaps, but it’s been the mainstay of many Euro countries for centuries and it’s worth at least a good look in Ontario.


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  1. Dave Craven

    GREAT challenge for the federal and provincial governments!

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