Federal Liberal Economic Outlook – AODA – and Monday’s with Murray

Federal Opposition Finance Critic, Scott Brison paid a visit to the Chamber last week and offered his party’s perspective on what the country and the economy might look like if the Liberals were elected to lead.
Brison is a seasoned veteran and offered numerous ideas and proposals to a number of critical issues facing the country. He argues that while the country has statistically pulled out of the recession, the human recession continues to linger.
While we respectfully disagreed with him, he also asserts that continuing on the path to cut corporate taxes is ill-timed and should be postponed until such time as the government can bring the books back into balance. As an alternative to corporate tax cuts, if elected, Brison claimed his party would offer a three year payroll tax holiday on new hires employed by all sizes of Canadian businesses.
He quite rightly points out that there is a detectable smugness amongst Canadians about the recovery as we continue to compare ourselves to the plight of the Americans. His view is that we are setting the bar too low and we ought to be focused instead on the new emerging economies such as China and India.
Brison also argues that Canada has an opportunity to leverage our social policies as economic drivers, sighting early childhood education, training and wellness strategies as just a few of the enablers.
He openly worries about the cost of health care and the demographic realities that are driving costs skyward. He is also concerned about growing U.S. protectionism and the enormous size of Canada’s debt.
Asked if he would accept the Finance portfolio if his party were to win the next election, he not unexpectedly declared his allegiance to his leader and the party and would serve wherever asked. A veteran’s response indeed.
If you didn’t attend the Chambers AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) seminar this week you really should have. This Act will absolutely impact your business and those of your suppliers, customers and competitors and we simply must be ready for its implications. It’s the law. To get caught up go to this link and cut and paste it into your browser:
President Don Bryant attended his first “Mondays with Murray (a takeoff on Tuesday’s with Maury) Business before Business Luncheon and was very well received by this non-competing network group. Don talked about the various aspects and benefits of the chamber including affinity programs, our various committee opportunities and how well the London Chamber is respected both at the national and provincial chamber levels as well as the hallways of senior governments. He noted the London Chamber’s well deserved reputation as policy writers and mentorship role in the policy arena.


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