Premier Chats…Locals Spat

The Premier was in town this week after accepting our invitation to speak to our membership at the Convention Centre. A fair sized crowd heard a comfortable and poised Premier deliver a smooth and well thought out presentation that finally connected all the dots of his government’s initiatives over the past 7 years.

At the Chamber we have been arguing for those same 7 years that while many of the McGuinty Government’s initiatives have been good for business, they have not been well articulated. Time will tell if this new messaging will be enough to deliver the Premier a third term in office.

Speaking of office, how about Chamber President Don Bryant. At the rate he’s going he will have introduced more elected officials more keynote speakers and dignitaries than any president in recent history. Keep up the great work Don.

Also on the political front President Don and yours truly had our first official quarterly meeting with Mayor Fontana on Friday. While the content of the meeting is held in strict confidence at our request I can tell you the meeting was collegial, to the point, and constructive. No big surprise as those same traits have been the hallmark of the Mayors term since his election to the post.

Opposition Finance Critic Scott Brisson was also the Chamber’s guest this week. The 18 or so in attendance got a clear idea of what the country’s finances might look like under a Liberal banner.

And on a final political note, good friends Ed Holder and Doug Ferguson (they’re our good friends and hopefully they are still friends with each other) went head to head this week over some misinformation that was reported in Mr. Holder’s newsletter. Ed has publicly apologized for the error by way of a letter to the editor of the Free Press but Mr. Ferguson is insisting that Holder should re-distribute a new newsletter with the correction and at his own expense. This race could be a hotter ticket than the MMA bouts scheduled for the Air Canada Centre. In the ‘Blue” corner weighing 230 pounds………….sorry I got carried away.


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